LM39 15 Dot-Bar Display Driver

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Configuration is now complete and JP1 can be removed. If you make a mistake during the configuration process, start again from the beginning. Labels: cars , control , for , how , lights , model , to. Temperature Indicator. This temperature indicator indicates the temperature of a heat sink in high power circuits. In this temperature indicator, diode voltage drop in ambient temperature is used as reference level. Temperature is measured by a transistor mounted on a radiator or near power transistor controlled. T1 temperature sensor and voltage to the base - emitter is compared, through potentiometer P1, with the common point of reference in its D1 and R1.

Transistor remains blocked as long as temperature remains below a certain level, which is set to P1. When the emitter voltage of transistor voltage falls below the cursor P1, the transistor will go into conduction and D2 will light. Labels: indicator , temperature. Thursday, July 11, Baud Rate Generator. In this article, an RC oscillator is used as a baud rate generator. If you can calibrate the frequency of such a circuit sufficiently accurately within a few percent using a frequency meter, it will work very well.

However, it may well drift a bit after some time, and then…. Consequently, here we present a small crystal-controlled oscillator. If you start with a crystal frequency of 2. If you look closely at this series, you will see that baud is missing, since divider in the has no Q10 output!

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If you do not need baud, this is not a problem. This yields a similar series of baud rates, in which baud is missing. The trimmer is for the calibration purists; a 33 pF capacitor will usually provide sufficient accuracy. The current consumption of this circuit is very low around 1mA , thanks to the use of CMOS components. Labels: baud , generator , rate. Automatic Battery Charger. Normally, chargers available in the market do not have any sort of control except for a ro-tary switch that can select different tap-pings on a rheostat, to vary the charging current.

This type of control is not adequate because of the irregular fluctuations in the mains supply, rendering the control ineffective. A simple circuit intended for automatic charging of lead-acid batteries is presented here. It is flexible enough to be used for large capacity inverter batteries. Only the rating of transformer and power transistor needs to be increased. The circuit has been basically designed for a car battery about 40 Ah rating , which could be used for lighting two 40W tube lights. The circuit includes Schmitt trigger relay driver,float charger,and battery voltage monitor sections.

The Schmitt trigger is incorporated to avoid relay chattering. It is designed for a window of about 1V. During charging, when the battery voltage increases be-yond When battery voltage goes below In the Schmitt trigger circuit, resistors R1 and R2 are used as a simple voltage divider divide-by-2 to provide battery voltage sample to the inverting input terminal of IC1. The non-invert-ing input terminal of IC1 is used for reference input derived from the output of IC2 , using the potentiometer arrangement of resistors R3 18 kilo-ohm and R4 1 kilo-ohm.

LED1 is connected across relay to indicate fast charging mode. The float charging section, comprising regulator , transistors T3 and T4, and few other discrete components, becomes active when the battery volt-age goes above In the energised state of the relay, the emitter and collector of transistor T4 remain shorted, and hence the float charger is ineffective and direct charging of battery takes place.

The reference terminal of regulator IC3 is kept at 3. This output voltage is fed to the base of transistor T3 BC , which along with transistor T4 2N forms a Darlington pair. You get The circuit built around IC4 and IC5 is the voltage monitoring section that provides visual display of battery voltage level in bar graph like fashion. Regulator is used for generating reference voltage. Preset VR1 20 kilo-ohm can be used to adjust voltage levels as indicated in the circuit. When voltage is below 10V, the buzzer sounds to indicate that the safe dis-charge limit has been exceeded.

Labels: automatic , battery , charger. This pulse width modulation controller electronic project is very simple and require few external electronic parts. The speed is adjustable from 0-max. Supply voltage that can be used in this project can be between 3 and 18 volt. Pulse Width Modulation Controller Schematic. Labels: controller , mc , modulation , pulse , width. The so called H-bridge is the normal circuit for electronic control of revolution speed and direction. The DC motor of a Tamiya car is powerful enough to propel zBot at up to 20 miles per hour. There are lots of different devices to choose from.

For high side driving level shifters are necessary. The schematic of the H-bridge power stage shows a few inverters, NAND gates and two tri-stateable drivers. These logic functions are very important as the easier way, i. The logic functions configured here effectively avoid illegal states.

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The software module for the DC motor is called dcm. The file number is Labels: 10 , a , dc , for , motor , power , stage , zbot. It differs in many respects from other applications on the same chip. The circuit is intended for those who want a VU meter that is connected directly to the output of an power amplifier. You can use various types of LEDs round or square to get the visual and aesthetic result you want. The switch S1 will allow you to choose whether VU meter will work as a bar or one by one dot. In Bar mode, the power consumption rises because all of the LED will be work and can reach up to mA.

For amplifier with two channels is obvious that we should build two identical circuits, one for each channel. Taking this trend should be done by the tendency of the amp. The component we are used is IC2 LM which is an adjustable voltage regulator and stabilizer. Using a small brushing is necessary because the differences in the potential entry; output is large so that we develop high levels of temperature.

The use of R5 helps in voltage drop to descend the voltage at the input of IC2 at lower levels. You may need to increase or decrease this value by trials. Because the resistor is going to heat up, then it will be better to put some distance from the PCB. Labels: 10 , a , bar , based , build , circuit , dot , led , lm , meter , vu.

Tuesday, July 9, 5 Zone Alarm System. This is a complete alarm system with 5 independent zones suitable for a small office or home environment. There are indicators for each zone a "system armed" indicator. The schematic is as follows:. Each zone uses a normally closed contact.


Dot/Bar Display Driver - LM (Linear) - COM - SparkFun Electronics

These can be micro switches or standard alarm contacts usually reed switches. Suitable switches can be bought from alarm shops and concealed in door frames, or window ledges. Zone 1 is a timed zone which must be used as the entry and exit point of the building. Zones 2 - 5 are immediate zones, which will trigger the alarm with no delay. Some RF immunity is provided for long wiring runs by the input capacitors, C1-C5. C7 and R14 also form a transient suppressor. For good security this should be the metal type with a key. Operation At switch on, C6 will charge via R11, this acts as the exit delay and is set to around 30 seconds.

This can be altered by varying either C6 or R Once the timing period has elapsed, LED6 will light, meaning the system is armed. LED6 may be mounted externally at the bell box for example and provides visual indication that the system has set. Once set any contact that opens will trigger the alarm, including Zone 1.

To prevent triggering the alarm on entry to the building, the concealed re-entry switch must be operated. This will discharge C6 and start the entry timer. The re-entry switch could be a concealed reed switch, located anywhere in a door frame, but invisible to the eye. The panic switch, when pressed, will trigger the alarm when set. Labels: 5 , alarm , system , zone. Bass Booster Circuit. Increase the bass output of your present instrument at modest cost! Bass Boost is todays sound One way to get the modern bass-boost sound without running out and buying an all-new expensive piece of equipment is to use a Bass Booster between your guitar, electronic organ or what-have-you, and the instrument amplifier.

A bass booster strips the highs from the instruments output signal and amplifies low frequencies, feeding on "all-bass" sound to the instrument amplifier. Naturally, the bigger the speaker used with the amp, the more powerful the bass: use inchers with the Bass Booster and you can rattle the windows.

Bass Booster is powered by an ordinary 9 volt transistor radio battery. It can be assembled on a small printed board or on a veroboard using point to point wiring.

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  8. The booster connects between your instrument and its amplifier through two standard RCA Jacks. Bass Booster Circuit Diagram. Connect your electronic guitar or other electronic instrument to input jack J1; Connect output jack J2 to your instruments amplifiers normally-used input. With power switch S1 off, key S2 so the instrument feeds directly to the instrument amplifier.

    To cut back to natural sound just stomp down on S2 and key the Bass Booster out. Dont worry about leaving power switch S1 on for several hours of a gig. The circuit pulls less than 1mA from the battery, so battery will last many, many months. Labels: bass , booster , circuit.

    Comparator Based Crystal Oscillator. Changing the non-inverting reference level can vary the duty cycle. At the complementary input of each comparator, the 2k IC1b creates a complementary output to IC1a by comparing the same two nodes with the opposite input. The circuit operates from 2. The circuit works well because of the two matched delays and rail-to-rail outputs of the LT Labels: based , comparator , crystal , oscillator.

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    The cur- rent is controlled by the value of resistors R8 and R9. Resistor values also set the range over which the input voltage produces a moving dot on the display. Power for the circuit is supplied by a single 9-V alkaline battery.

    LM39 15 Dot-Bar Display Driver LM39 15 Dot-Bar Display Driver
    LM39 15 Dot-Bar Display Driver LM39 15 Dot-Bar Display Driver
    LM39 15 Dot-Bar Display Driver LM39 15 Dot-Bar Display Driver
    LM39 15 Dot-Bar Display Driver LM39 15 Dot-Bar Display Driver
    LM39 15 Dot-Bar Display Driver LM39 15 Dot-Bar Display Driver
    LM39 15 Dot-Bar Display Driver LM39 15 Dot-Bar Display Driver
    LM39 15 Dot-Bar Display Driver LM39 15 Dot-Bar Display Driver
    LM39 15 Dot-Bar Display Driver LM39 15 Dot-Bar Display Driver

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