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Sorry dude, this book just doesn't have anything going for it. Jan 25, TheSaint rated it did not like it Shelves: dystopian , adult. I really wanted to like this book. But as it turns out, DeNiro's post-apocolyptic vision and mine just don't jibe. I could have used a hair more exposition, so I could kind of tell where the characters had been and how they might navigate their futures. But what I got was a feeling that I was along for their ride. They had no idea what had happened to the world and neither did I.

So I guess that was a good literary exercise, even though it made me uncomfortable. Still, I could have appreciated th I really wanted to like this book. Still, I could have appreciated that exercise more, if I'd been able to identify with the characters.

Frankly, there was nothing about them that interested me, or made me sympathize with them. And for me: no character, no caring. Aug 07, Anne rated it liked it. I wanted to love this book. For an impulse buy at Malaprop's, it seemed to have a lot going for it as far as my tastes are concerned.

Spunky female hero, seemingly YA novel but for an adult audience a la The Magicians , dystopian post-apocalyptic adversity and adventure, and a setting at least in the beginning in the Twin Cities. Yet it felt like a slog to get through it. Somehow, I feel like I would've liked it better if I'd had the opportunity to read it quickly - stretched out over the cou I wanted to love this book. Somehow, I feel like I would've liked it better if I'd had the opportunity to read it quickly - stretched out over the course of a month, it didn't keep my interest as much, at least until the action at the end.

Jun 04, May FLower rated it liked it. I don't know how it's possible. But this was both very interesting and kinda boring to read. Things got so nonsensical that I kind of stopped caring, but I also wanted to know what happened. Of course, in the end, it turns out I didn't care too much. If you're into strangeness for strangeness' sake, then you'll like this book. Otherwise, it might interest you in some parts and bore you in others. I couldn't tell what the author was going for, except maybe to make a more cracked-out coming of age I don't know how it's possible.

I couldn't tell what the author was going for, except maybe to make a more cracked-out coming of age story than Alice In Wonderland. May 27, Kate Maddalena rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy. This is an YA lit post-apocalyptic fantasy. World of Warcraft takes over St. Paul, Minnesota. If you have a year-old, he or she should read it. My ultimate impression, though, is that there were too many ideas to fit in one book. I'd like to know all of the stories, slowly, and instead we sort of dip in to 16 or so, and the whole thing turns out half-baked.

Aug 30, Christopher rated it it was amazing. Alan DeNiro never writes the expected, so don't expect your ordinary apocalypse when you open this seriously funny-sad apocalyptic novel. There are lots of bangs in here, and lots of whimpers, and lots and lots of hope for something better, which most end-of-the-world tales forget to tell about.

Highly recommended. Aug 30, Kristin rated it it was amazing. Totally biased here as the author is my husband. But, this really was a great book full of all the Alan DeNiro craziness, genius and heart you could want. Coming out November 24th! So good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nov 29, Patrick W rated it liked it Shelves: , in , sf , literary. Each story evoked a different emotion from me. Some stories I loved, others fell completely flat. I would be amazed by the sixth story, struggle to finish the seventh, and then devour the eighth.

There was no denying that all of it was imaginative and all of it felt like it was really trying to say something worth saying. The Palmers travel down the Mississippi seeking safer shores after an unexpected invasion. Not an invasion of Canadians or Russians, mind you, an invasion from the past. Things begin to happen without reason. Barbarians begin to invade and pillage. Ancient imperial armies appear to combat the barbarians but claim the land as their own.

Diseases with symbolic symptoms spread and kill and spread some more. Technology stops working. The world rapidly becomes a weird, weird place. Louis to take a teaching job and escape the rapidly deteriorating conditions. There are wooden submarines, talking dogs, stone skyscrapers, and even a giraffe or two. I think very rationally and I get easily hung up on inconsistencies. Despite my natural inclinations, when the book was good it was great. By pushing this typical American family through a series of obstacles so strange it would make Double Dare do a double take, DeNiro seems to be making some statements about the state of American family and culture.

At times, the plot seemed to stagnate as DeNiro focused on developing the principal characters in his story. Unfortunately, none of these characters are especially sympathetic or interesting until late in the novel. It was simply too easy to set the book down and walk away. In between each of the chapters, DeNiro places an aside that exposes a little piece of his larger, illogical world. Each aside was different in content and tone, ranging from health advice from imperial doctors and urban legends to random correspondence and Palmer family backstory. Some were certainly interesting but others fell short of that mark and in a book that was so chaotic already, they just provided further distraction.

When this happens she stops serving as a lens through which her family is overanalyzed and instead takes on a more active role in the book. This marks a turning point in the novel at which a plot begins to emerge out of the absurdity and the wildly inconsistent scenes trend toward a satisfying conclusion. Even some but not all of the offputting asides were brought into cohesion with the larger story. There is no denying that DeNiro has one of the most imaginative and unique voices in the genre today. If he can learn to pair his unpredictable creativity with a tighter story, the resulting book should be something special.

May 07, Anna Engel rated it it was ok Shelves: stopped-reading.

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I was willing to go along with the ancient-warriors-returned theme, the float down the river, the rapid adaption to a strange new world, and plague. Overall, though, the sum of its parts added up to purple monkey dishwasher. May 03, Deborah rated it liked it Shelves: a-once-only-read. A postmodern narrativeset in a post-apocalyptic North America , akin to The Shark Diaries, but less enthralling. Perhaps because there is no Ian. I stopped reading this twice but was drawn back to finish.

Glad I did. Jan 31, Irina rated it it was amazing. Loved it! May 22, Ab rated it really liked it Shelves: post-apocalyptic-futuristic. An altogether interesting read.

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I'm having a hard time pinning down my feelings about it as a whole, though. I read the book with the assumption that absurdism played a pretty big part in this post-apocalyptic United States, and I think it greatly helped. I mean, so much of it is absurdist, but not all in a bad way. Sometimes it seemed like the tossing-in of wacky stuff might have taken away from the experience of the book as a cohesive story, but other times, it seemed to fit, like seeing giraf An altogether interesting read.

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Sometimes it seemed like the tossing-in of wacky stuff might have taken away from the experience of the book as a cohesive story, but other times, it seemed to fit, like seeing giraffes wandering about with empty saddles after a battle won by the Empire was just how it had to be. I think the cover of this edition fits the book perfectly, in the whole mashing together of all kinds of crazy, and perhaps it was all a dog's dream.

I experienced this book as a Thomas Pynchon work I've only read "Crying of Lot 49," so, accessible, but batshit crazy mixed with a really warped kind of "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain tossed in. The story centers around the Midwest and traveling up and down the Mississippi River on small river boats, trying to avoid capture by Scythians or Empire soldiers, etc. Both of these aspects felt like good things, I might add. I'm aware that one can read into that as being a criticism, but it felt alright.

Where did they come from? Who is the Empire? What's the deal with this wasp plague? Why does everyone just go with this massive change as if nothing was happening? How does a city become built with story skyscrapers from castle-stone with a system of draw-bridges linking buildings, in less than 6 months?

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I actually kind of liked this lack of explanation -- the author obviously had some guts to go at this in this way. My one complaint Louis, Missouri should just never be referred to as "Lou". I cringed every time I read this as a reference to St. It seriously felt like an uncool parent trying to use the kids' slang, but totally screwing it up because "Lou" isn't something anyone from St. Louis would say. Just had to say it, being from St. Louie" like in the movie, NO. Thanks, Mr. DeNiro, for coming into Left Bank Books and giving me a copy to read Louis post-apocalyptic book, who'd have thought?!

Feb 27, Tony rated it it was ok Shelves: novels , teen , speculative-fiction , setting-us. This debut novel took me months to finish, I kept picking it up reading ten pages, putting it down, and came close to giving up on it multiple times. By the end, I kind of wish I had, because it never really comes together in any meaningful way. The story has all kinds of imaginative elements, but they're jumbled together so incoherently that they lose all meaning. At its heart, it's kind of a post-apocalyptic river journey hard not to think of Twain here , as some kind of space-time rift has o This debut novel took me months to finish, I kept picking it up reading ten pages, putting it down, and came close to giving up on it multiple times.

At its heart, it's kind of a post-apocalyptic river journey hard not to think of Twain here , as some kind of space-time rift has occurred and the United States has ceased to exist. Instead there seems to be some kind of empire, and there are Goths and Scythians roaming around, concentration camps, slavery, and a mutant plague, and all technology fails to work. The heroine here is Macy, a regular year-old girl from St. Paul, who is heading downriver with her family college professor father, sick and pregnant mother, older sister, younger brother.

Various calamities befall them, they meet strange people, some of whom are helpful, some not. There are family issues. There's a talking dog. For me, the whole thing was just kind of a mess. This is IMO the hardest section of the game on the Highest Difficulty, as the player has limited skills, spells and equipment available. Even rats can effortlessly slaughter you.

It is the most linear and thorough part of the guide, and I recommend following it as closely as possible. To try and make things as clear as possible, I've included a lot of images. Maybe open it up on a phone or tablet as you play, and zoom in if things are a bit hard to see. Wait for an hour after each fight to replenish your Health and Magicka.

After the first fight with Assassins, Captain Renault dies and drops her Katana. Pick it up: This will be your main weapon throughout the Tutorial. Your very first fight is against two rats that burst out of the wall. This is 1v2 however, and you can be easily overpowered. Try shooting them with flare as much as you can, perhaps from the relative safety of a ledge, though they are tricky to hit as they jump around.

The easiest way I found to deal with them is to first use Dragon Skin, snipe them a couple of times each with Flare, then try to beat them to death with your sword. Wait for an hour to replensish everything, and it's time to start looting. Pick up everything, including meat off rat corpses and mushrooms growing on the cavern floor. Equip it along with your Katana. Flare is tricky to hit rats with at close range: Sword is more efficient.

It is also a good idea to practice Blade for your first level over Destruction [more on that later].

See a Problem?

Keep your Fatigue high, and wait an hour after every battle. Down the ramp, 3 scared rats run towards you followed by a Zombie. Melee the scared rats to death if they stand still. Failing this: The zombie is too powerful to defeat using your sword, but it is slow, so it can be defeated by running backwards around the cavern and shooting flare at it. Equip them, and leave the Warhammer. More rats, and then through the door to another area to fight your first unarmed Goblin. If you try to fight the Goblin head on it is quite tough, with the hitting power of a Zombie and the speed of a rat.

Luckily in this scenario, you can use stealth. There is a Poison of Illness located on a crate. Grab it, apply it to your Katana, and sneak attack him with it. With one strike, the Goblin should go down. Notice how powerful that Poison was? Unlike normal weapon damage, Poison damage is not affected by the Difficulty slider! This will come in very handy later. Loot the surroundings and move on. The next Goblin uses a weapon. Counterintuitively, Goblins that use weapons deal less damage than those that fight unarmed. Tank it with your sword, and again wait.

The log trap can be used to kill the two goblins beneath it. The final room consists of 4 goblins [one a mage] and a few rats. Lure the 3 melee goblins out one by one using flare, and defeat them with your katana if you can, waiting for an hour in between each fight. The rats can be flared, shot with your bow, or simply left alone, as they are not hostile. Stand still shooting flare at it from a medium distance [say 20 metres or 60ft], and lightly strafe from side to side to dodge its magic attacks.

If you run out of magicka, shoot it with a bow, then start shooting flare again. Drop the katana: you have no further use for it. Equip an Iron Dagger instead. You should pat yourself on the back for your crafty defeat of the mighty rat and goblin hordes. Take the Warrior Sign. Loot any potions you find off their bodies. After the Emperor is stabbed, his attacker will head for you. Run away and let the guards deal with him. You should hopefully NOT be able to level up at this stage. For Optimisation purposes, it is crucial that you do NOT level before exiting the tutorial, as this will most likely result in non-maxed stats for the first level.

Luckily, by taking Conjuration as a Major skill you can now Summon a Skeletal Minion, which is your most useful spell in the early game. Unlike you, it can kill a rat in one swipe. Use it to kill the remaining Goblins and Rats, and exit the sewer and Tutorial. And lots of scary things that can kill you. Place your cursor over the 4 options and judge his facial expressions for each. Try to line up and click the small slices with his angry faces, and big slices with his happy faces. Do this until you can no more and he likes you, and refrain from bribing him. After this: Buy his 20 Repair Hammers.

With regards to the Armour Set: You do not necessarily have to wear it, as it slows you down whilst running around town [I suggest just wearing a pair of pants, or even just underpants]. Just carry it for now, it will be used later. Next, head back down the road and left to visit Calindil in the Mystic Emporium. These serve as practice spells for their respective magic skills until a Spellmaking Altar is reached.

Fast travel to Weynon Priory, talk to Jauffre about the Amulet of Kings, ask him for assistance and take the supplies from his chest. If you so wish, you can return to pick these after and sell in the next trip. Talk to Prior Maborel outside if you would like a horse. I personally never used horses, as I ran faster than them for most of the game, but the option is there.

Kvatch is mentioned as the next destination for the main quest: For the moment it is way too dangerous, and shall be avoided. After this: Find Dar-Ma the Argonian wandering around the south gate. You should still be level 1. It also contains a large supply of publicly accessible books and Alchemy Equipment, which can be used as well as sold to Seed Nedus at the southern end of town. Life is good, though the world is still very scary. Time to begin your next Chapter: Training! To do this, Endurance dependent skills [Armourer, Heavy Armour, and Block] need to be levelled at least 10 ranks between each level up, for 11 levels and a total of at least skill increases before level The only way to do this….

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And on Max Difficulty, getting hit hurts a lot. Thankfully, you can train these using a Summoned Skeleton, which gives you some control over being hit. In addition, the Character will need to gain access to the Arcane University to make use of the Custom Spellmaking Altar.

To do this requires completing all the Mages Guilds Recommendations for 7 of the 9 major cities [excluding Kvatch and the Imperial City as neither have Mages Guilds]. It helps to have some sort of Crowd Control for when a Summon is unable to help, which requires Illusion. Also, as Poison Damage is unaffected by Difficulty, it is a good idea to start practicing Alchemy for when decent equipment becomes available. By level 12, the Character should aim to accomplish the following 5 things: Endurance , which requires Summons Training, Intelligence , which requires practicing Conjuration and Alchemy, Conjuration , along with various Summoning Spells, Alchemy at least 50, if not higher, which is practiced by grinding food crops into potions, Illusion 90, along with Calm, Frenzy, Paralysis and Invisibility Spells, Complete all 7 Mages Guild Recommendations and gain access to the Arcane University.

This part of the guide is again quite linear up until about level 5, and after that allows for a bit of freedom for adventuring alongside skills training. Back to the game! Summons Training and Level Whilst you're casting Starlight, begin taking and selling the Mages Guild equipment to the Colovian Traders across the road from the Mages Guild [which'll again gives you a bit of athletics and mercantile].

Illusion starts at Cast Starlight until it reaches For now, head back to Skingrad Mages guild. Once Illusion is 20, cast Summon Skeleton until your Conjuration increases to the point where you can level up. On this level, up, and for the next 7 levels after that [so levels 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10], your character will aim to take 5 Endurance, 5 Intelligence and 5 Personality. Level 3. The base spell also has a decent duration for a Master level Summon compared to the other options available. That said: Storm Atronachs have quite slow movement speed, and don't hit as hard as a Clannfear.

Even after reaching Conjuration , Clannfear remained my default Summon. Sadly, Summoned versions of monsters cannot summon underlings like their counterparts, so for e. Begin to focus on Destruction and Restoration, but not Willpower just yet. Heal Minor Wounds works well as a Restoration practice spell, and can be cast whilst running around the countryside. Destruction is a little trickier, as it requires spells to hit opponents to increase.

Total Oblivion, More or Less: A Novel Total Oblivion, More or Less: A Novel
Total Oblivion, More or Less: A Novel Total Oblivion, More or Less: A Novel
Total Oblivion, More or Less: A Novel Total Oblivion, More or Less: A Novel
Total Oblivion, More or Less: A Novel Total Oblivion, More or Less: A Novel
Total Oblivion, More or Less: A Novel Total Oblivion, More or Less: A Novel
Total Oblivion, More or Less: A Novel Total Oblivion, More or Less: A Novel

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