What the New Breed of CMOs Know That You Dont

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Embrace emotion.

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Consumers act due to emotion. Why do they make the decisions they do? The Real Reason. Seek to rationalize these emotions using technology.


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Act on emotional intelligence. Once you know how consumers respond emotionally to your experience your products, your mobile app, etc. Imagine the power of being able to determine how a consumer actually feels interacting with your mobile banking app. Are they happy or frustrated? Use CX to build trust. Banks and credit unions can spend marketing dollars on advertising that admonishes consumers to trust their brand, but the efficacy of that approach is disputable.

Challenges Facing CMOs in the Age of Digital Marketing: A Panel Discussion

Instead, what fosters trust are positive experiences. To find the company that has the strongest emotional connection with customers, you have to leave the consumer world behind. The company customers say that they are most emotionally connected to is…Cisco.

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The more risk involved with a purchase decision, the higher the likelihood of an emotional connection. Increase the variables related to risk e. Personal risks peak when others are counting on you to make the right decision and the stakes are highest. How did Cisco become number one? Partners, buyers of Cisco gear, selected Cisco for the strength of the relationship, despite the fact that Cisco was also the most profitable vendor established earlier in the research.

Cisco partners value the relationship more highly than other partners: 26 percent more. Some are communicated, and others are realized through the customer experience. It supports them professionally through training and certification programs. Invest in the brand to support the emotional bond and self-image, and in sales and marketing activities to drive demand.

All of which reduces the risk associated with failure, be it personally or professionally. How can we leverage this insight? The research found that brand messaging connects with buyers early on, but the excitement wanes over time as we move down the buyer journey into the evaluation phases. The rational brain takes over to assess risk, and the complications associated with the purchase.

At this point as much as 50 percent of the potential deals stale or fall out of the process. To counter those feelings, engage potential buyers with personal-value messaging. Like Cisco, understand how your products or services impact buyers. Although buyers are individuals with unique personalities, and should be treated that way, they most likely share the same fears, uncertainties and doubts we have in our roles.

Get to know them, like you know yourself. Stop assuming they are always rational and buy on price or functionality. Know that when they say they love your product or company, they actually might just mean it. Why is such an often overly uttered word one of the most puzzling and difficult to understand? Looking for answers?

You have to dig deep. To begin to understand Big Data, it is helpful to understand where the term came from. The onepointiq graph below shows the growth of disk drive average capacities — from 1MB in to 1TB in However, massive amounts of data made possible by advancements in technology have no inherent business value.

To uncover the value of Big Data, we need to understand what it means to the very individuals who are responsible for leading businesses today. These are the same people who presumably need to find clarity and convert the concept of Big Data into the reality called business value. The individual at this intersection is a new breed of chief marketing officer CMO — one who understands complex data sets and technology but is anchored in the business. CMOs around the globe are at the epicenter of the conversation and have experienced a variety of successes — and failures — only to arrive at the doorstep of the next big thing: Big Data.

The journey of CMOs over the past several years provides some interesting insights into what might lie ahead. Less than 10 years ago, social media came onto the scene. Touted as the cure for brand impotence and marketing ineffectiveness and a way to harness the power of peer influence in buying decisions, it provided an opportunity for CMOs specifically to prove their business value.

However, for the most part, social media was viewed as an initiative, not a means to support business imperatives. Not surprisingly, in , just two years after the launch of Facebook, Spencer Stuart Consulting put the average tenure of a CMO at Fast-forward a few years. Somewhere shortly before the year , the talk about Big Data increased dramatically. What is Big Data? The next generation of CMOs is one of those few.

I think this is recognition of business potential, not necessarily broad business performance among CMOs. Organizations recognize the unique position CMOs are in and in turn have the opportunity to define the next generation. We have reached a critical tipping point in this evolution. Big Data is simply a catalyst. It takes a unique skill set to truly understand the business applications of Big Data.

This transformation is likely to elevate or diminish the role of CMOs for years to come. This is what makes Big Data high stakes. There seems to be an inverse relationship between technology and reach. As advances in technology become greater and greater, providing targeting beyond our wildest dreams, are we losing the ability to create significant brand equity?

Great news! Or is it? Think about it.


This constant weekly evolution and refinement of ad schedules has effectively diminished what we used to call reach. Remember reach and effective reach? In fact, you would be hard pressed to name a brand that was built on digital advertising alone. Yes, Google, Facebook, etc. Remember magazines? They built brand equity as well. The issue with programmatic ad buying as the silver bullet is when you drill down to targeting by individual, you are missing the awareness aspect that, say, a magazine ad afforded. There needs to be both laser-precise targeting and awareness-building mediums working in tandem.

Traditional and digital must exist in harmony in order to deliver effective branding messages. One cannot survive without the other. However, Accenture is not well-known for its creative, interactive user experience and customer experience design services.

Six Digital Transformation Barriers CMOs Need to Address

But that's changing, given its recent acquisitions of AvVenta, Acquity and Fjord though AvVenta is more of a production house versus a provider of original creative services. However, the firm might potentially not be a good fit for companies looking for deep ideation and creative capabilities in particular. However, the firm might not be a good fit for focused local projects in certain markets because the current main penetration of all skills is predominantly in the U.

As well as detailed assessments of individual providers, Gartner also offers up some generic recommendations when shopping for transformational consultants:.

What the New Breed of CMOs Know That You Dont What the New Breed of CMOs Know That You Dont
What the New Breed of CMOs Know That You Dont What the New Breed of CMOs Know That You Dont
What the New Breed of CMOs Know That You Dont What the New Breed of CMOs Know That You Dont
What the New Breed of CMOs Know That You Dont What the New Breed of CMOs Know That You Dont
What the New Breed of CMOs Know That You Dont What the New Breed of CMOs Know That You Dont

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