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If you are already familiar with the basics of Vagrant, the documentation provides a better reference build for all available features and internals. Vagrant provides easy to configure, reproducible, and portable work environments built on top of industry-standard technology and controlled by a single consistent workflow to help maximize the productivity and flexibility of you and your team. To achieve its magic, Vagrant stands on the shoulders of giants.

Then, industry-standard provisioning tools such as shell scripts, Chef, or Puppet, can automatically install and configure software on the virtual machine. If you are a developer , Vagrant will isolate dependencies and their configuration within a single disposable, consistent environment, without sacrificing any of the tools you are used to working with editors, browsers, debuggers, etc.

Once you or someone else creates a single Vagrantfile , you just need to vagrant up and everything is installed and configured for you to work.

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Other members of your team create their development environments from the same configuration, so whether you are working on Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows, all your team members are running code in the same environment, against the same dependencies, all configured the same way. Say goodbye to "works on my machine" bugs. If you are an operations engineer or DevOps engineer , Vagrant gives you a disposable environment and consistent workflow for developing and testing infrastructure management scripts.

You can quickly test things like shell scripts, Chef cookbooks, Puppet modules, and more using local virtualization such as VirtualBox or VMware. Then, with the same configuration , you can test these scripts on remote clouds such as AWS or RackSpace with the same workflow. I expect I save at least 20 minutes per iteration of spinning up Linux machines in VMs on my laptop with this tooling versus manual methods.

This can equate to hours of productivity gains per day if you do a lot of prototyping like me. Obviously, this type of automation is a big deal in the world of DevOps also.

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This gets even more impressive when you layer in fancy stuff like Ansible and Kubernetes. Go fast! Contact us and learn more. Note 1: I chose the VirtualBox platform intentionally.

Development Environments Made Easy

All of this is possible with Hyper-V and others as the virtualization platform on a Windows-based OS. However, you will have to make some configuration changes to Vagrant to make other hypervisors the default instead of VirtualBox with Vagrant , or you will need to modify each of the VagrantFile s , or you will have to add some flags to the command line for each vagrant task. In addition, Hyper-V one of the other simple, free options for this component has a requirement to run the Powershell at an elevated privilege level and this becomes another reason that VirtualBox is a little easier and preferred in my book for this prototyping use case.

Note 2: For those of us that love the command line, Windows Powershell is a bit of a mixed bag. Yeah, Cygwin, other options abound, however, this is the single simplest way to move between your Windows machine and Linux VMs you make with Vagrant. I love to save time, so not having to deal with SSH keys and other details when building machines is a great thing when you use this built-in shell.

This novel provides examples of:

Change the default colors. I suggest a light grey background and dark text to make life easier. Rick is a passionate technologist and servant-leader with expertise in product management, services, and selling.

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He brings his expertise of solving challenges with amazing tools and people to his current role on the OpenLogic team. Find helpful articles, papers, videos, and more from our open source experts. Prerequisites to Build This System Note: There are a lot of platforms and starting points for this combination of features and software. Grab the bits. Install the software.

What You Get with the Combination of Vagrant and VirtualBox

This is pretty simple. Nothing special here. Set up a prerequisite directory structure. Rick Vincent Senior Sales Engineer and Cloud Architect, OpenLogic Rick is a passionate technologist and servant-leader with expertise in product management, services, and selling. Recommended Posts.

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The Vagrant The Vagrant
The Vagrant The Vagrant
The Vagrant The Vagrant
The Vagrant The Vagrant
The Vagrant The Vagrant

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