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Google recruited Nolan, a computer science graduate from Trinity College Dublin, to work on Project Maven in after she had been employed by the tech giant for four years, becoming one of its top software engineers in Ireland. Instead of using large numbers of military operatives to spool through hours and hours of drone video footage of potential enemy targets, Nolan and others were asked to build a system where AI machines could differentiate people and objects at an infinitely faster rate.

Although I was not directly involved in speeding up the video footage recognition I realised that I was still part of the kill chain; that this would ultimately lead to more people being targeted and killed by the US military in places like Afghanistan. Although she resigned over Project Maven, Nolan has predicted that autonomous weapons being developed pose a far greater risk to the human race than remote-controlled drones.

She outlined how external forces ranging from changing weather systems to machines being unable to work out complex human behaviour might throw killer robots off course, with possibly fatal consequences.

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What we do know is that at the UN Russia has opposed any treaty let alone ban on these weapons by the way. Besides, how do you train a system that runs solely on software how to detect subtle human behaviour or discern the difference between hunters and insurgents?

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Russia, United States attempt to legitimize killer robots

Chinese AI companies are also making substantial contributions to the effort. Commercial giants such as SenseTime, Megvii, and Yitu sell smart surveillance cameras, voice recognition capabilities, and big data services to the government and for export. Once a robot can accurately identify a face or object, only a few extra lines of code would transform it into an automatic killing machine.

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In addition to technology from commercial companies, the PLA has said it plans to develop new types of combat forces, including AI and unmanned — in other words autonomous or near-autonomous — combat systems. And by sea, Chinese military researchers are building unmanned submarines.

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The Project, a classified program, hopes to develop underwater robots over the next few years. Like other states, it is already developing intelligent weapons.

The technology is fast outpacing the process at the U. Without any clear international legal parameters, major militaries are feeling the pressure to invest in autonomous capabilities on the assumption that others are. Such thinking especially characterizes the discourse around AI and autonomous weapons systems between China and the U. The other frontier unbound by international law is space. Here, China sees some opportunities to leapfrog American technology.

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Killer Robots

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