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This seminal piece will help the larger psychiatric audience understand cultural psychiatry This remarkable piece of work is bound to become a classic reference in psychiatry. Professor Tseng, with the assistance of a cadre of consultants from around the world, set out to produce a volume on cultural psychiatry that would present the materials systematically, comprehensively, and in an integrated manner. Judging from the organization and content of the book, I believe he has succeeded in his objective This book is interesting from several perspectives. First, rather than soliciting chapters from multiple contributors, the author did all the writing himself.

The result is a broad, well-organized, and synthesized book that reads well and is easy to follow Second, many subjects are included in this book that are not found in most textbooks on cultural psychiatry--normative human behavior, child development, and migration, among others Novice students of cultural psychiatry as well as clinicians will find this material helpful.

Third, the scope of the subjects the book covers is global Fourth, the book includes categories of psychiatric phenomena worthy of psychiatric research and examination This book should be a welcome addition to anyone's library as a basic textbook on culture, mental health, and mental disorders and as a reference text for cultural psychiatry. As a single-authored text that synthesizes the work of authors, it provides a richly textured view of progress in cultural psychiatry over the last 40 years.

It is destined to become a classic in the field. Richly illustrated with photographs, diagrams, and illuminating case histories, the book is tightly organized This is a book that belongs in every hospital library, no matter how small, and on the shelf of every psychiatric educator, no matter how specialized. It comes across vividly to us as a work that reflects the clear vision and intentions of Professor Wen-Shing Tseng, who has devoled many years of his career to the study of cultural psychiatry This is a great book that deserves to be used not only by cultural psychiatrists, but also as a desk-side reference for clinicians in their daily clinical work.

All of this is achieved within an easy to read text. This volume does, therefore, have a place on the shelves of those who consider themselves to have a special interest in the area. The breadth of coverage is most impressive ranging from culture and society, culture and mental health, culture and psychopathology, culture in clinical practice and psychological therapies The beauty of this text is that the work of each discipline is synthesized into a single highly informative and valuable textbook.

All those working in areas with multi-cultural populations and those with a special interest in transcultural psychiatry should definitely see this text The academic rigor of the work is also evident in the range of consultants contributing to the thinking in the book, all of them well-renowned, highly respected authors of international repute. There is currently no other volume like it on the market. The systematic organization of the material in textbook format is unique to the field and a well needed addition Psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, psychiatry residents and other students of mental health treating culturally diverse patients will find this book a helpful aid toward the understanding of cultural influences in assessment, treatment, practice and research A thorough appendix of relevant books and an interesting array of photographs and illustrated table are included Well written, highly organized, and comprehensive, this book presents relevant, useful and timely information for clinicians, scholars, students, and researchers who work with culturally diverse populations and patients.

Through an in-depth and integrated presentation of combined knowledge, facts, theories, and research on cultural psychiatry, the author provides a one-stop oasis for learning and developing a culturally sensitive dimension to assist in the understanding of the universal human individual, family and society. He succeeds admirably, covering the relationship of culture to mental health, psychopathology, clinical practice, and therapy, as well as work with special populations and special problems of cross-cultural research and psychiatric training. Undaunted by the increasing flood of publications on culture-and-mental-health topics, Professor Tseng has completed the Herculean labor of producing a single author text that conveys, in comprehensive and consistent form, up-to-date knowledge encompassing the entire field of cultural psychiatry to an international leadership of clinicians, researchers, and students.

The present volume is a crowning achievement for a scholar who in the last decade authored or edited numerous books on themes of cross-cultural psychiatry. Jilek, M. Scholarly, authoritative, and up-to-date, it is also fresh and vivid.

Fler böcker av Wen-Shing Tseng

It is relevant for clinicians and researchers alike. It provides an excellent introduction for newcomers to the field, yet it has much to offer to specialists and experts.

Cultural Psychiatry: Lecture #1 Cultural Psychiatry: a Critical Introduction pt 2

Wen-Shing Tseng has succeeded in capturing the excitement of this expanding frontier of mental health investigation and service. Draguns, Ph. Professor Emeritus of Psychology, The Pennsylvania State University "This long-awaited compendium provides a unified overview of the field. After a rich career of research, clinical and teaching experience, the author proves an ideal guide. There is a welcome balance of material from the East and the West, making the volume valuable worldwide.


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Thanks in advance for your time. Other Substance Abuse. Suicide Behavior. Eating Disorders.

Cross Cultural Psychiatry: Context and Issues

Personality Disorders. Culture and Psychiatric Service. Culture, Ethnicity, and Drug Therapy. Culture-Influenced Unique Psychotherapy.

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Culture-Related Common Psychotherapy. Psychotherapeutic Practices in Various Cultures. Intercultural Psychotherapy. Culture-Relevant Psychotherapy.

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Working with Couples and Spouses. Working with Families. Working with Aged Persons. Working with Medically Ill Patients.

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Migration, Refuge, and Adjustment. Minorities by Ethnicity, Gender, and Others. Intercultural Marriage: Problems and Therapy. Religion, Pathology, and Therapy. Culture and Psychiatric Theories. Cultural Psychiatry Training. Author Index. Subject Index. Wen-Shing Tseng, M. This section also deals with most of the conventional diagnostic labels, including anxiety disorders, eating disorders, depression, dissociative disorders, and personality disorders. Issues such as the relationships between axis I and axis II disorders from a cultural perspective are only one example of the complexity of the effects of culture on psychopathology.

Whether this speaks to the subtleties of culture as a pathogenic agent or the insufficiency of current clinical elaborations or neurobiological substrates remains a matter for future research. The therapist-patient relationship is a heavily culturally charged item. Figure Format, communication, expectations, or actual interactions with patient and relatives are all areas of concern. That the chapter on clinical assessment and diagnosis concepts that are neatly differentiated in the text comes after not before the previous topic does not affect its relevance. The whole issue of diagnosis and classification, about which a lot has been written but not much from the cultural perspective—prospects for a better DSM are much better now 4 —is discussed, as are psychological testing and measurement.

The section dealing with culture and psychiatric services deals with many of the topics these two concepts include. The same applies to ethnopsychopharmacology. The closing chapter, quite appropriately, deals with cross-cultural research. As already noted, this book is one of encyclopedic proportions. At times a big, solid catalog of topics, at times a rich source of an unusually unique knowledge, it is always imbued with a genuinely compassionate sense for the suffering of many.

If only for its wealth of data from so many countries and cultures, it is an exceptional contribution to the literature. It is a shame it was published before the U. The fact that the Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry is with us and will be for years to come, with desirable new editions is reason enough for the enjoyment of learning so much from it.

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Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry
Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry
Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry
Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry
Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry
Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry
Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry
Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry

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