Eternity Row (Stardoc, Book 5)

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Cherijo Tojin, crash-lands on an icy world and must make her way without her memories in an inhospitable environment Viehl's StarDoc latest far-future space opera boasts un-put-downable action, more potentially lethal twists than an electric eel, a spunky yet vulnerable seven-foot heroine with retractable claws and a blue-skinned supernally endowed warrior Deliciously aquatic, creepy-crawly aliens abound in Viehl's latest Stardoc installment, which centers on a tricky peace conference held on the undersea-dwelling 'Zangians' home planet following the expulsion of the nasty reptilian More from pw.

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Add your preferred email address and password to your account. Cherijo must stop the threat of disaster and face the truth that she herself is her Father's ultimate experiment. I have worked in both military and civilian trauma centers and have drawn on my personal medical experience to lend authenticity to the story. My novel is approximately , words in length.

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I do not send out simultaneous submissions, consequently a prompt reply would be greatly appreciated. Please use the SASE enclosed for your convenience. A synopsis, sample chapters, or the entire manuscript can be forwarded immediately upon request.

S. L. Viehl

Thank you for your consideration. Because Daw's guidelines asked for a query letter only, I used both an opening hook and details about the novel. The Bad Query. Here's an example of what you don't want to do when you're writing a query letter:. Elizabeth Kelly. May 15, New Directions Publishing Corp.

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Dear Sir or Madam:. An abused, neglected child was saved by the poetry of John Keats, a demon, and her own will to survive. The manuscript is approximately 30, words in length. This manuscript contains some controversial subject matter. Child abuse, loss of faith, genetic identity, and mental illness are closely detailed. Please use the SASE enclosed to respond, and thank you. What's wrong with this query?

Well, just about everything. First, I didn't give the editor any contact information except my address. The opening hook may sound interesting, but it was my poetic opinion of myself at the time, and had very little to do with the body of work I was trying to sell, namely an epic poem that was 4, lines long.

Don't ever ask me to read my poetry. Civilization would collapse before I got to the end of one. The description is also extremely lame — I hinted at topics instead of telling the editor exactly what the poem was about. A good query letter is direct, a bad query letter tiptoes around the subject matter. Finally, I put everything into one paragraph. Try not to write a single paragraph, but break it up into manageable, topical portions. The Icky Query. From bad to worse — and yes, I actually wrote this letter and mailed it out to several dozen publishers:.

September 19, Warner Books. Dear Ms. Maggie Dayton is tempted to, when she clashes and burns with J.

Eternity∞ - How Far

Trask for the first time! Trask is in South Florida for a desperately-needed vacation with his little girl Lauren. Now the fun begins! Maggie Dayton is busy clashing with environmental felons, creating outrageous publicity stunts, and giving her editor an burning ulcer in the process. Trask is a powerful media mogul who was burned by his tragic, bitter first marriage, and determined to re-establish a relationship with his estranged little girl. The last thing he needs to interfere with his plans is a love clash with Maggie! So, of course, they fall in love! Why should you read this manuscript?

Eternity Row

Okay, if you're done snickering, let's dissect this disaster. As with the bad query, I only had my address as contact information. Do not end every paragraph with an exclamation point. Editor is going to think you're on drugs. Also, don't ramble — I used too many references to Trask, Maggie, and Lauren as characters, and not enough about the novel plot. This is writing below professional level. And, although you may not recognize this one, I made a fatal mistake in not doing my homework about environmental issues and romance. The majority of romance publishers do not want those issues in their books.

Again, you need to check the guidelines of the publisher to whom you intend to submit your proposal, but here are the industry standards:. Do not send random chapters, every other chapter, the last three chapters, etc.

Do not excerpt; send the entire chapter. Do not fold or staple the pages together. Each chapter should be printed on plain white paper with dark ink photocopies are okay, as long as they are as dark as the original printer copy , double spaced, in Courier 12 point font, with page numbers on the upper right hand corner of every page, and a footer with your last name in caps, followed by your novel title, centered at the bottom of every page, i. Of course he would. Onkar noted everything. Each of the proximity-sensitive mines had been programmed to randomly rotate positions, and carried enough charge to blast a nice-sized hole through any slow-moving hull.

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A snap to get around -- if you were a native 'zangian. Unfortunately, the League transport pilot wasn't.

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I saw that as soon as I made visual contact, and watched his blundering set off three more mines. Fast I could do; straight was the challenge. While I avoided colliding with the mines in our immediate flight path, Burn began targeting the rows ahead of us and shooting out a corridor. Industry standard varies between genres, so this is really important.

The Good, the Bad and the Icky

The Good Synopsis. You want to go into some detail about the plot, and to a lesser extent, the characters and setting, depending on length restrictions. You also want to tell the entire story to the editor in your synopsis. Don't hint, don't use teasers, just tell it straight out from start to finish. Eternity Row. A StarDoc Novel. Novel Synopsis.

Cherijo Torin and her husband, Duncan Reever, have enjoyed real freedom. Everyone agrees the Terrans definitely deserve some downtime. All three worlds are situated in the Liacos Quadrant, which is largely unexplored. Despite this, Cherijo feels obligated to go. How much trouble can they really get into?

Eternity Row (Stardoc, Book 5) Eternity Row (Stardoc, Book 5)
Eternity Row (Stardoc, Book 5) Eternity Row (Stardoc, Book 5)
Eternity Row (Stardoc, Book 5) Eternity Row (Stardoc, Book 5)
Eternity Row (Stardoc, Book 5) Eternity Row (Stardoc, Book 5)
Eternity Row (Stardoc, Book 5) Eternity Row (Stardoc, Book 5)
Eternity Row (Stardoc, Book 5) Eternity Row (Stardoc, Book 5)

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