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Solutions include egg yolks mixed into smoothies, raw liver, and supplements. She even asked Dr. Now we are trying to get back to the Garden of Eden; so we should be vegan, especially if practicing yoga. Perhaps instead of trying to return to the Garden of Eden, we might partake of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.

But knowledge? No need. Perhaps a DNA mutation? If so, raw vegan foods would be best. Food combining ala Uncle Shelby? Good idea. Are nuts and seeds hard to digest? Is organic food really necessary? Really, really bad. Are high glycemic index foods bad? Is hybrid produce bad? Wild plants are better, but at least grow your own heirloom produce. Acid is really, really bad; alkaline is really, really good. Water drinking? Table salt is bad; Himalayan salt is good. Eating Foods in Season? This is good for you and the planet.

Supplements and Super Foods? The soil is so depleted that maybe we do need raw cacao, goji berries, royal jelly, bee pollen, spirulina, dehydrated wheatgrass, B12, reservatrol, enzymes, probiotics, angstrom minerals, hormonal DHEA, and cayenne pepper—but maybe not.

The Live Food Factor

How Much Fiber? Lots; flaxseeds can help. Chapter Common Pitfalls to Avoid. Raw nuts and veggies can be difficult to digest.

Susan Schenck – The Live Food Factor

Men may not want to be so skinny. Prep time for complicated raw recipes is high.

You feel chilly all the time. Brush your teeth because for some unknown reason—probably depleted soils doncha know—raw fooders have dental problems. Eat sufficient protein. Keep reading raw books to stay inspired. Take your own certifiable raw food everywhere. Eat a lot of raw greens. Avoid air pollution and nasty chemicals.

Chapter Frequently Asked Questions. Is a raw food diet boring? What if I lose too much weight or muscle strength? It will come back and, if not, green smoothies may help. How do you get enough protein? Fry might have died because of insufficient protein. Try a delicious, raw, creamy, carob mousse or some dates. What about my family? How can I get my pet to eat raw? Slowly dog or all at once puppy. No, I am not hungry. Yes, at first, but no at later times. Feeling chilly is part of the healing process. Why does cooked food seem to taste better?

Cooking is bad for food. Which cooked foods are the least bad? Steamed or wokked veggies; take some enzymes before eating cooked foods.

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Fasting is good. No, not if you eat raw foods. Does this diet cost more money? Yes, but you will save money by not eating out, buying meat or packaged foods. Can I drink alcohol? Maybe some organic wine, but it is really, really acid. Can I drink tea or coffee? Coffee, no.

Tea, maybe. Can I eat frozen foods? Freezing is like little bombs going off in your food, except for nuts and raisins. What do you eat? Smoothies, raw chocolate, salad, and raw soup; now a gallon of green smoothies per day. Why should I go on this diet if I am young and healthy? Can I start this diet while pregnant? Yes; no. Is it advisable for a lactating mother to go raw?

Yes, but the baby might not like your detox flavor. Is this diet healthy for kids? Chapter Raw Pleasure. Who cares? Dairy products, wheat, sugar, salt, processed and junk food. Appendix B: The Drug Story. There is a conspiracy to prevent people from being healthy because there is no profit in it. Drink lots of it. This will give you lots of fiber and the macro-nutrient profile of a chimp diet. And now onto the dreaded non-vegan branches of raw foodism.

If the drug companies would research this issue we could have it all cleared up. But in the meantime, Schenck is generous enough to include this discussion in an appendix to be complete, even though she is vegan.

See a Problem?

A tidy 7 page summary of instincto touched up with quotes from the major players. Again, the author is playing the nonjudgmental game and even seems to feel that instincto super-health is beyond raw vegan super-health. It sounds like a wonderful diet! Lots of wonderful people quoted! Aajonus Vonderplanitz. In other words, you will get sick from germs.

People should obtain the highest quality animal foods if they are going to experiment with eating them raw. In this section she mentions some problems with instincto trichinosis, tumor-growth in heavy meat-eaters, etc. Very welcome indeed. To her credit, Shenck has experimented with raw animal foods and encourages even the most avid vegan to read up on these diets.

Appendix D: Studies from Scientific Journals.

The Live Food Factor - PDF Free Download

If you wanna dive into the folklore of the evils of cooking and the medical industry as seen by the mostly self-published crowd, you will need to track down and devour these books. A bunch of recipe books as well. A list of fasting contacts, internet chat groups not very comprehensive , and shopping contacts finish out the book.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, a list of 44 websites, which somehow forgot to mention this website, beyondveg. And after she worked so hard to come across as comprehensive and expansive about raw foods. What to think? The book is propaganda, not a real discussion of pros and cons.

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Schenck shows some of the negative stuff about the raw diets that include animal foods, and fesses up about B12, but no real discussion of zinc, essential fatty acids, dental problems remember to brush! Why bring up all that negativity anyway? It appears that research about humans as omnivores has no place in a book promoting raw veganism. You can convince yourself that losing enamel off your teeth, and then your teeth, means you are becoming less violent.

You can measure the loss of menses as a measure of purity. You can. The raw evangelists quoted in the book, and Schenck herself, seem to feel that their pond is the only TRUE pond, and all the other bigger fish in the other bigger ponds are against raw vegan life itself.

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Listen up!!! Come join our pond and avoid those big fishies trying to fool you! Unstated: we have big fishies of our own. Stated: Our big fishies are raw vegans and really, really spiritual. Sooner or later, raw veganism is going to truly grow up. Someone is going to write a Live Food Factor without the charade and the crazy quotes, with some real research about humans as omnivores and how raw vegans can overcome that legacy if they choose to. We also nourish the body with so many nutrients that are destroyed by heat.

I personally have met people who have healed from all kinds of diseases through a raw-food diet. Also, no restaurants here cater to raw fooders. My goal is to educate people, both Americans and Ecuadorians, on the importance of eating a high raw diet, thus creating a market for such products as unheated cream, olive oil, chocolate, goji berries, truly raw nuts, etc. In the meantime, is it possible to eat out in Cuenca on such a restrictive diet? Furthermore, you can enjoy salads, which are mostly raw, such as the dinner salad at Inca Lounge or the broccoli salad at California Kitchen.

You can also go to juice bars and vegetarian restaurants and request fresh-squeezed juices. The longer and the higher the temperatures used, the more toxic the food; thus, grilling is the worst. Save that for special occasions, such as the Fourth of July celebration at the California Kitchen.

Stay tuned for future articles, which will include topics such as local ways to get exercise, local fruits, where to shop for quality food and supplements, the petition for a salad bar, and more. She resides in Cuenca and can be reached at livefoodfactor yahoo. Skip to content. Subscribe to get Ecuador News to your inbox.

The Live Food Factor The Live Food Factor
The Live Food Factor The Live Food Factor
The Live Food Factor The Live Food Factor
The Live Food Factor The Live Food Factor
The Live Food Factor The Live Food Factor
The Live Food Factor The Live Food Factor

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